The Secret Legion is a thousand-year old worldwide organisation that I used as a reference to develop plots in different periods and locations in my books. The main purpose of the SL is to solve natural and supernatural mysteries of the universe through studies and missions assigned to its members.
The legionnaries follow a variety of issues: from hunting down mythological monsters to time travel technologies, from paranormal studies to space missions. This has allowed me to create self-conclusive stories about different characters and themes. River tells of a young man joining the Secret Legion and how this choice has affected his life; Gabriel, currently available in Italian only, is based on the Vesper project, about time travel; Susanna, the third chapter I am still writing, is going to be about interstellar travel based on the Horizon project. Two more stories will complete the five-books saga involving characters from previous chapters.
Every book of the saga follows the adventures of a different legionnaire which intertwines with those of ancient colleagues, mixing historical facts with legends and fables. The criteria of choosing an era in which to develop my stories is simply down to personal choice. All of us have our own “favourite eras” and in my writings I like using those that struck my imagination. Of course, l need to carry out some research to make the settings credible, so I read books, watch documentaries and use the internet to avoid historical errors.