The foundation of the Secret Legion is surrounded by an aura of mystery.

The legionnaires possess various talents and come from all over the world. They take on tasks as proposed by the headquarters, located somewhere in the Italian Alps.

Every member is an expert in their field, but missions are open to anyone. Work is paid according to importance and risk levels. Missions are decided by the Descendants, an elite group of five people whose identity is unknown. They inherited the direction of the Secret Legion from the first five Founders.

The operations management is carried out by a group of officers called The Promoters, who are based at the alpine headquarters. The other legionnaires are divided into Experimenters, researchers and scientists, Recruiters and Operatives. The latter being the majority. Some of them live at the Legion bases or on the Comets, a fleet of three aircraft carriers sailing through oceans and carrying vehicles, men and equipment; others lead a normal life in between missions, with a job and even a family, until they decide to accept an invitation from headquarters.

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